Hopsteiner Has Brewed Up Seven New Hop Varieties

Hopsteiner Has Brewed Up Seven New Hop Varieties

 //  May 5, 2017

Hopsteiner has developed seven new proprietary and experimental hop varieties that are sure to tap the senses of brewers and beer enthusiasts across the globe. With over 170 years of experience, Hopsteiner continues its legacy as a world leader in hop-growing, trading, breeding and processing.

Having cultivated over 80 hop varieties, Hopsteiner is constantly developing new selections to tantalize the senses. Here is a snapshot of the newest commercial and experimental hop varieties from Hopsteiner:



X06277 is the “Big Mama” of this new lineup of hops, boasting her large size, high oil content and tropical notes of pineapple, pine and bright citrus. This plant has gigantic cones, which makes this variety a contender for a top producing hop.

Hop Highlights:  13-15% Alpha  *  4%-5% Beta  *  High Total Oil  High Yield


Eureka! has complex characteristics with its resinous qualities and far-reaching fruity notes that span from tropical citrus to dark stone fruit. This late hop addition is sure to be a favorite among hop fanatics who are looking for a new twist on a hop classic.

Hop Highlights:  17-19% Alpha 4.5-6% Beta  High Total Oil


Pucker up! This new hop variety speaks for itself, as Lemondrop™ bursts with bright citrus and subtle herbaceous notes, making it the ultimate match for sessionable beers. Her versatile character can work wonders on all sides of the beer spectrum by enhancing quality pilsners and lagers with the most delicate and refined qualities, but still be able to stand up to ales bringing out her sweeter side.

Hop Highlights:  5-7% Alpha  4-6% Beta


Let the fiesta begin with Calypso. This unique variety that explodes with tropical fruit, sweet apple-pear and hints of lime citrus, delivering aromas unlike any other. This variety is incredibly complex, boasting a high alpha percentage and revealing an understated earthy note.

Hop Highlight:  12-14% Alpha  5-6% Beta  Unique Aroma



This newcomer has an Asian flair bred from a Japanese variety (Eastern Gold) and features a distinct aroma of sweet orange, vanilla and tropical fruit. XO6297™ is resistant to powdery mildew and has a large total oil content and high alpha.

Hop Highlights: 13-17% Alpha  5.5-6% Beta  Disease Resistant  Unique Aroma


This workhorse boasts high alpha and yield and possesses versatility across the board. Not only can XO7270™ be used for bittering, but it can also be used as a dry hop that lends tropical fruit and tangerine notes. This variety is also resistant to powdery mildew in the Yakima Valley.

Hop Highlights:  15-19% Alpha  4-5.5% Beta  Disease Resistant  High Yield


This variety is 75% Cascade in origin, creating a “Wow!” factor that is impressive at every sniff. As if its bright and punchy aroma (described as grapefruit and tropical fruit) wasn’t enough, brew trials are stirring excitement over the way XO9326™ can add a distinct berry note in ales. This hop could very well be one you want to build your next be around.

Hop Highlights: 4-7% Alpha  4.5-7% Beta  Unique Aroma

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