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When “Juicy” Meets “Fruity”

What do you get when you remove most of the bitterness found in a traditional India Pale Ale (IPA) and add the most “fruit-forward” hops available? You get a beer deserving of its own style – the New England IPA (NEIPA).


hop harvest

From Bine to Brew: It’s Springtime in Hopland

Join us this year for what’s gearing up to be another exciting hop harvest! In September, brewers from around the world visit our farms to select and contract hops for the coming year. Hopsteiner hosts a series of raw hop aroma evaluations and flavor panels.


Beer Gift Guide

11 Unique Gifts for the Beer Enthusiast

Do you need to figure out what to give the beer lover in your life for the holidays? Or perhaps, what to put on your own wish list? We are excited to share some unique items that are sure to impress the person in your life who is passionate about craft beer.



Hopsteiner Discovers Wild Genetic Anomalies in Hops

With Hopsteiner’s support, Katherine Easterling, a Doctoral Candidate at Florida State University (FSU), discovered a genetic anomaly within domestic and wild hop plants that can be used to make new, innovative hops, leading to better beer.


Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Beer Pairings for Your Thanksgiving Meal

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, thousands of people are scrambling to put together the perfect meal for their guests; trying to outdo what they did the year before by adding new and improved recipes and drink ideas to the mix. So, this year, how about going a little unconventional with your drink of choice? […]


Hopsteiner Brewing Calculators

Supercharge Your Beer Production With Hopsteiner’s Brewing Calculators

One of the biggest questions that brewing companies, big and small, have on their minds at all times is: “How can I formulate and optimize my recipes?” We know the struggle of manually testing recipes and determining how much of each ingredient you need, so we here at Hopsteiner decided to come up with a […]


Hopsteiner Customer Portal

Managing Your Hops Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Hopsteiner is excited to announce its first-ever web-based hop purchasing system. The new Hopsteiner Customer Portal provides brewers in the United States, Canada and Mexico with the ability to search and purchase available hop varieties, track orders, access hops invoices and contracts, and manage their account. The new Customer Portal is a convenient tool that […]


Hopsteiner Has Brewed Up Seven New Hop Varieties

Hopsteiner Has Brewed Up Seven New Hop Varieties

Hopsteiner has developed seven new proprietary and experimental hop varieties that are sure to tap the senses of brewers and beer enthusiasts across the globe. With over 170 years of experience, Hopsteiner continues its legacy as a world leader in hop-growing, trading, breeding and processing. Having cultivated over 80 hop varieties, Hopsteiner is constantly developing […]


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