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Dry-Hopping Made Simple

Hop grower and supplier, Hopsteiner, has partnered with brewing equipment manufacturer, BrauKon, to create an entirely new product designed for dry-hopping beer. The product – called BrauKon HopSteiner – was conceived in late 2018 as a means to increase beer yields without picking up oxygen absorption.


Cooking with Craft Beer

We came up with a twelve pack recipe list that is sure to help add a little extra holiday cheer in your meal prep this season. Cooking with craft beer not only adds complexity and character, but helps boost the depth of flavors already present in your dishes. And, believe it or not, it also […]


The Hidden Secrets of the NEIPA

The New England IPA (NEIPA) or Hazy IPA is a unique beer style that continues to climb in popularity. More and more breweries are starting to emulate the phenomenon known as the “haze craze,” giving way to opaque, cloudy glasses with intense tropical fruit notes.



New brewing innovations are helping craft brewers revolutionize beer consistency, efficiency, and aroma with highly concentrated forms of downstream hop product lines. Hopsteiner, one of the foremost hop-growing, trading, breeding, and processing firms in the world, is leading the way in the production of several new innovative hop products to answer the demand of craft […]


2018 Harvest Update

The 2018 hop harvest is less than 60 days away! We are looking forward to another bountiful season and hope you are, too. According to the USDA-NASS hop acreage report, the U.S. hop crop is forecasted to increase to 55,339 acres – up 4% from last year’s 53,282 acres.


When “Juicy” Meets “Fruity”

What do you get when you remove most of the bitterness found in a traditional India Pale Ale (IPA) and add the most “fruit-forward” hops available? You get a beer deserving of its own style – the New England IPA (NEIPA).


From Bine to Brew: It’s Springtime in Hopland

Join us this year for what’s gearing up to be another exciting hop harvest! In September, brewers from around the world visit our farms to select and contract hops for the coming year. Hopsteiner hosts a series of raw hop aroma evaluations and flavor panels.


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