Beta Bio 45%


Beta Bio 45% is a hop derived antibacterial product produced from CO2 hop extract. Beta bio contains primarily the natural β-acids fraction of hop extract dissolved in food grade Propylene Glycol. β-acids are well-known to have potent anti-microbial properties, and are particularly active against Gram positive bacteria.


  • Anti-microbial
  • Great for hard seltzer’s and NA beers
  • Inhibits bacterial growth during fermentation and yeast propagation
  • Will not contribute any added bitterness to beer after yeast pitch
  • Food Grade / Kosher Product
  • Liquid product allows safe handling and automated dosing
  • Heat stable

Usage & Methods

  • Beta Bio 45% should be added to your hot sugar solution or hot wort prior to fermentation
  • Usually 5 ppm of Beta Bio 45% is all that’s required to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Dosing rate
    • Targeting 5 ppm of Beta acids
    • .6 grams Beta Bio 45% / bbl. to achieve 5 ppm dosage of the product
    • Add to yeast slurry and agitate prior to pitching or add to whirlpool

Notes & Suggestions

Packaging & Storage

  • Beta Bio 45% is available in 1 gallon pails, 1kg jugs, 2kg jugs, 20kg pails, 200kg drums, and 1,000kg totes. The product is stable for up to 6 years when stored between 10 – 25°C in the original unopened container.


Product Dosing Rate
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