Extract Product Dosing Rate Calculator

Extract Product Dosing Rate Calculator is used to determine the dosage of CO2 Hop Extract you need to target a specific International Bitterness Unit (IBU). Hopsteiner’s hop extracts are made from hops via carbon dioxide CO2 extraction. Extracts retain the hop’s α-acids, β-acids, essential oils, aroma and bittering characteristics. Hop extracts are highly-concentrated hop products that provide convenience, efficiency, stability, consistency and flexibility to brewers.

Replacing T90 Pellets
T90 Pellets to replace:
Alpha % of T90 pellets: %
grams of alpha required: g
# of 150grA cans required:

Target Specific IBU
IBU target:
BBL beer:
Hop efficiency: %
grams grA required: g
# of 150grA cans required:
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