Dry-Hopping Made Simple

Dry-Hopping Made Simple

 //  January 16, 2019

Hop grower and supplier, Hopsteiner, has partnered with brewing equipment manufacturer, BrauKon, to create an entirely new product designed for dry-hopping beer. Dry-hopping is a consistently popular method for giving beer a unique, aromatic hoppy aroma without any perceived bitterness. The product – called BrauKon HopSteiner – was conceived in late 2018 as a means to increase beer yields without picking up oxygen absorption.

BrauKon HopSteiner is designed to gently separate hop solids from beer without any oxygen pick-up, resulting in lower beer losses versus other processing techniques. BrauKon HopSteiner is equipped with downstream filter systems that protect against blockages, resulting in higher throughput for better overall yields that in turn prevent unnecessary oxygen absorption.

This means the BrauKon HopSteiner will also reduce beer loss, which would otherwise be lost once the yeast is removed from maturation tanks along with hop solids. The BrauKon HopSteiner is fully-automated with operational control and clean-in-place (CIP) technology for a fully-automated closed system cleaning.

BrauKon HopSteiner was a brainchild of Willi Mitter, Technical Director of Hopsteiner, and leading developers at BrauKon in Germany. BrauKon HopSteiner can be retrofitted on a mobile skid for easy access to fermentation and storage tanks. This product is available in two output ranges with an average throughput of approximately 50hl/h and 100hl/h.

BrauKon HopSteiner was developed in collaboration with Hopsteiner, Simon H. Steiner Hopfen GmbH – Mainburg, Germany, and BrauKon GmbH – Seeon-Seebruck, Germany. For more information, please visit the BrauKon.com.

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