Beer Pairings for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Beer Pairings for Your Thanksgiving Meal

 //  November 21, 2017

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, thousands of people are scrambling to put together the perfect meal for their guests; trying to outdo what they did the year before by adding new and improved recipes and drink ideas to the mix. So, this year, how about going a little unconventional with your drink of choice? Instead of the traditional dinner wine, try surprising your guests with a tasting of beer that complements each course. For example, serve a seasonal beer for appetizers, a Belgian-Style Ale with salad, an IPA for Turkey. There’s a beer that complements every dish.

Below, we have put together some of the best “hoppy” pairing for your Thanksgiving celebration:

Come on get ‘appy:

Those pre-dinner treats like salty nuts and mild cheeses are begging to be paired with a party-starting brew – a Fest Beer. The earthy, fall-like flavors provide the perfect start to the traditional multiple-course sit down.
Hopsteiner recommends: “Oktoberfest”
– Ninkasi Brewing Company, Eugene, OR. (5.5% ABV.)

Eat your greens:

Belgian-style ales will complement your salad course with their bubbly, sweet and subtle fruity flavors.
Hopsteiner recommends: Touch of Orange Belgian Style Pale Ale”
– Alameda Brewing Co., Portland, OR. (6.0% ABV.)

All the fixings:

A good IPA will go a long way when it comes to taking a bite of those delicious mashed potatoes or a scoop of hearty stuffing. Light and versatile, the refreshing, crisp, hoppy taste will make your food flavors burst and keep those taste buds wanting more. Fun fact: the “hoppiness” of an IPA can help cut through some of the fattier side dishes like Mac and Cheese.
Hopsteiner recommends: “Liberty Lunch IPA
– Independence Brewing Co., Austin, TX. (5.5% ABV.)

The Main Event:

Turkey and Pilsners…ah, the perfect pair. Pilsners always go well with white meats (and your already-full feeling belly). Generally, on the lighter side, this beer will help your guests push through to dessert.
Hopsteiner recommends: “Pilsner”
Franconia Brewing Co., McKinney, TX. (4.8% ABV.)

Aunt Mary is talking politics again:

When the family antics start, hit them with the hard stuff. Grab a double IPA to get the table feeling good as they reach for seconds– something with a high 8%+ punch.
Hopsteiner recommends: “It’s Getting Weird Double IPA”
– Moustache Brewing Company, Riverhead, NY. (8.8% ABV.)

A twist on the after-dinner brew:

This year, turn off the coffee pot and serve up a cold, coffee stout to the stuffed crowd. Who wants to drink something hot when you’re already in a food coma? Not us.
Hopsteiner recommends: “Heritage Coffee Brown Ale”
– Alaskan Brewing Co., Juneau, AK. (7.0% ABV.)

A chocolate lover’s dream:

Anything chocolate (like Grandma’s famous chocolate layer cake) calls for a delicious Porter – a match made in craft beer heaven.
Hopsteiner recommends: “Eugene Porter”
– Eugene Porter, Revolution Brewing, Chicago, IL. (6.8% ABV.)

Why have a regular Thanksgiving when you can have a “hoppy” one? With these beer-inspired pairings, your guests will get to try an assortment of delicious beer that bring out the flavors of every recipe. And if you want to go beyond beer, and learn more about the hops that it is made from, please check out our latest selection of hops!

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