When “Juicy” Meets “Fruity”

When “Juicy” Meets “Fruity”

 //  April 10, 2018

What do you get when you remove most of the bitterness found in a traditional India Pale Ale (IPA) and add the most “fruit-forward” hops available? You get a beer deserving of its own style. This style of beer is better known as the New England IPA (NEIPA) or “Hazy” IPA, which offers intense tropical fruit and citrus notes with a smooth, juicy mouthfeel.

While NEIPAs are fittingly known for their unique taste and aroma profile, they are even more renowned for their appearance. Some say the exterior alone puts the NEIPA into a completely different category. Just looking at a glass filled with NEIPA tells you it is different. It is opaque, cloudy, and hazy, with minimal chance of clarity.

This new style has taken the craft scene by storm, opening the door to a phenomenon known as the “haze craze.” In fact, the Brewers Association recently created three new “Hazy” categories in their 2018 Beer Style Guidelines, so as far as craft brewers are concerned, this style has officially arrived!

Since bitterness is not necessarily desired in this style of beer, hop aroma varieties with big, bright, citrus and fruit-forward notes make for the best flavor combinations.

Whenever they are introduced as a late addition in the kettle and whirlpool or used as a dry-hop, varieties with high oil content and unique chemical specifications will impart the aroma and flavor compounds that offer singular experience for the end consumer.

At Hopsteiner, we offer over 80 different hop varieties from all corners of the globe, but the truly unique varieties with the best aromatic components have only just arrived. Through our breeding program guided by molecular marker assisted selections, we have successfully bred the choicest of hops with attributes that push the boundaries on disease resistance, aroma/bitter components, and crop yields. Because of our breeding program, we can offer remarkable hop combinations with powerful flavors and aromas that directly transfer to flavored perfection.

Varieties such as Calypso™, X06277, Eureka!™, Lemondrop™, and even experimental varieties known only by number (X06297, X09326, and X07270) bring wildly diverse opportunities to this specific style of beer.

For example, X06277 boasts enough hop oil content (5%+) to support full-bodied flavor and deliver bold, pineapple, citrus and tropical fruit aromas. But using X06277 in combination with other unique varieties – like Lemondrop™, Calypso™, Eureka! ™ or X09326 – can help bring your next NEIPA to a whole new level!

These intriguing blends open the door for many craft beer brewers who are looking for something with lots of bold flavor, diverse character, and a little something different. If you are looking to add a new, innovative brew to your taps, check out our spot hop offerings on our portal.


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