From Farm to Pint, U.S. Hop Growth is Up: Hopsteiner Shares Insight to 2017 Hop Acreage Report

 //  July 6, 2017

YAKIMA, Wash.–Pacific Northwest hop acreage is reported to increase to 54,135 acres in the recent release by USDA-NASS. This increase of approximately 6.4% continues to meet the ongoing demand in the market, both from Craft brewers and Mainstream brewers alike.

Hopsteiner’s U.S. hop farms are located in Yakima, Washington, a region that is seeing a 4% acreage increase year-over-year. Washington State takes the top spot of acreage in the Pacific Northwest, as it covers over 71.9% of the 54,135 acres. Over the past six years, this region alone has increased by 82%.

“We’re not surprised by this rapid growth of the hop industry as we have seen it first hand,” said Bill Elkins, Sales Representative for Hopsteiner. “There is a massive desire by craft beer drinkers for brewers to come up with unique, hoppy flavors. As growers, we’re receiving contracts from brewers which directly relates to not only how much acreage we need, but the growth of the hop business.”

Oregon, the second largest producer (by acreage) in the United States, is reported to increase acreage by approximately 4% compared to 2016. Meanwhile Idaho, which remains the 3rd largest producer, reported the largest increase this year with 27% more acres strung for harvest when compared to last year. These regional numbers helped to officially make the U.S. the largest hop-growing country (acreage basis) in the world, ahead of Germany.

Cascade remains the single largest cultivated variety in the United States, though total reported acreage for this variety is projected to decrease approximately 5.5% when compared to 2016. Centennial acreage continues its upward trend of recent years and is projected to increase nearly 9% in 2017. One of the more surprising developments in the report was Comet, an older hop with a fruity aroma, which has recently been revived by brewers looking for that “New England-type feel” for their beers. With an increase of 76%, Comet saw the highest percentage increase by far among hop varieties.

To see the complete acreage report, please click here. See the list of all hop varieties available through Hopsteiner here.


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