When looking at ways to improve aroma intensity, Salvo™ and Aroma Extract are the two best choices. Salvo™ delivers impactful variety specific flavor and aroma as a fractionated form of CO2 hop extract. In this product, α-acids have been removed to explicitly enhance aroma with little to no added bitterness. Salvo™ is best used as a late kettle/whirlpool addition to partially replace leaf or pellet hops, and since Salvo™ contains no vegetative matter, Salvo™ can help mitigate beer yield loss.


  • Boost aroma/flavor
  • No bitterness
  • No added vegetative matter
  • Extends shelf-life in most applications

Usage & Methods 

  • Late kettle aroma/flavor – add late in the boil period or when filling whirlpool
  • Liquify extract by warming the can and pour contents into kettle/whirlpool
  • Remove can lid and place can in hop dosing vessel
  • Start with 10 grams oil / bbl.
  • Subject to beer style and aroma/flavor preferences

Notes & Suggestions

  • Pre-warm cans using a hot water bath (> 140°F) or store on a hot surface (i.e. kettle dome or boiler room)

Package & Storage 

  • If measuring out smaller amounts for each brew, make sure extract is thoroughly mixed to evenly disperse the hop oil. Cover containers being filled, label, and store in refrigerator or freezer until needed. Open container should be used or sealed up within 6 months.
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