HopFlow: What Brewers Should Know

HopFlow: What Brewers Should Know

 //  October 22, 2019

The demand for an easy-flowing CO2-Extract which flows well enough to be dosed at low temperatures has now been met with the creation of HopFlow.

HopFlow is a user-friendly form of C02-Extract that contains all α-acids and essential oils. HopFlow is especially noteworthy for having been stripped of all vegetative matter, which means there is less sediment and more beer. Both the hop oil content and its composition remain virtually unchanged by the HopFlow manufacturing process. Moreover, the formation of iso-alpha acid as a result of possibly being subjected to excessively high temperatures can be avoided by implementing the use of HopFlow, allowing for quicker pours and better overall efficiency.

HopFlow is a user-friendly form of C02-Extract that contains all α-acids and essential oils.

Brewing trials were conducted with the use of our pilot brewery to evaluate a comparison between CO2-Extract and HopFlow. To this end, we brewed Pilsner beers, bittering a batch either with HopFlow or with standard CO2-Extract from the same variety and batch. The final analytical results were identical. In fact, the tasting panel slightly preferred the beer brewed with HopFlow, noting a cleaner taste and mouthfeel.

The trial results demonstrated that the excellent flowable characteristics of HopFlow remain true to product quality, with the added benefit of user-friendliness. This corresponds to the quality of a standard CO2-Extract which can be easily dosed manually in smaller volumes. By using Hopsteiner HopFlow, craft brewers can avoid having to purchase expensive dosing equipment to warm up the extract. Brewers can also enjoy the added benefit of a re-closeable container to help preserve what is unused. This makes the product particularly interesting for craft brewers who are seeking better efficiency with limited storage space in the brew house.

A full product spec sheet on HopFlow can be found here. For a full list of brewing products offered, please visit our products page.

For more information, please contact your local sales rep or reach out to us at sales@hopsteiner.com.

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