New! Trident Specialized Hop Blend

New! Trident Specialized Hop Blend

 //  January 6, 2020

Unleash a tidal wave of flavor!

Introducing Trident™, a specialized hop blend from Hopsteiner. The 2019 Trident™ blend is comprised of three unique Pacific Northwest-grown hop varieties.

Trident™ was developed for those seeking a hop forward punch to the nose fruity, citrus, tropical, passion fruit blend to fit any beer style. Trident™ is a specialized blend with a much wider range of aroma and flavor characteristics than any single hop variety could generate on its own. Although, Trident™ is perfectly balanced as is, it can also be used with other unique Hopsteiner proprietary varieties to build an even more unique, and potent flavor profile.

Source: produced & packaged by Hopsteiner

Brewing usage: Dual

Aroma: Fruity, Citrus, Tropical, Passionfruit

Alpha Acids: 11.3%

Beta Acids: 4%

Total Oils: 1.6%

Beer styles: Hazy IPA, American Pale Ale, IPA, Lager

This is the first homogenized pellet blend to be commercially produced from Hopsteiner. As a grower and hop breeder founded in 1845, some may ask, “why the long wait?” Hop breeding is no easy task. It is a long and slow road, but necessary from both a competitive and sustainability standpoint.

Breeding our own unique varieties has provided us with a flavor foundation in which we can mix and match more efficiently for target aroma and flavor specifications. We now have over ten unique hop varieties that provide their own unique aroma and flavor characteristic. Through sensory and chemical analysis we are now not only able to breed for unique attributes, but blend for them too.

The name Trident was pulled from classical mythology as being the divine weapon of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea. Poseidon’s Trident withheld a number of magical powers but is most well-known for its influence over the sea. We are not claiming that our Trident™ blend has special powers, but wielding this product is sure to unleash a tidal wave of flavor!


Disclaimer: values are subject to change based on crop year

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