//  August 31, 2020

Fresh from our breeding program is Altus™ (formerly X07270). Altus™ has massive spicy, dank, and resinous aromas that lend to soft tangerine and herbal, grassy notes. Booming with high alpha and oil content, Altus™ is the perfect dual-purpose flavor-forward bittering hop and has changed the way we typically look at high alpha varieties. From a Mexican Lager all the way up the pike to a triple IPA, Altus™ can repurpose itself in many recipes for those who dare to explore the creative potentials behind this variety.


Yield:              3,200 – 3,500 ppa
Alpha Acid:    15 – 19%
Beta Acid:       4 – 5.2%
Co-Humulone: 26 – 29
Total Oils:       3 – 4.4 mL/100g



The characteristics of Altus™ leave no doubt that this hop is above the rest. Named after the Latin adjective Altum; meaning high, elevated, or a level above. Living up to its name in both size and performance, Altus™ delivers one of the largest cones found on a bine, and some of the highest chemical components amongst its peers.

With notes of spicy tangerine and alpha-acid percentages nearing 20%, Altus is capturing a new crowd of brewers looking for new aromas and better brewing efficiencies. Super AA varieties have always been the backbone of brewing, and Altus™ was bred to be that versatile hop that works wonders in malt heavy recipes, but also as a great addition to Pale Ales, West Coast Style IPAs, and crisp, spicy lagers. Whether you use Altus™ as a substitute, single hop, or add in as a dry-hop, Altus will be sure to elevate brewers looking to brew with the next generation of hops.

Hopsteiner’s breeding program developed Altus™ from an Apollo and Wye Target cross. Just like its lineage, Altus™ packs a punch. Hopsteiner’s research, passion, and pursuit of growing stronger, healthier, and more sustainable hop varieties have been a staple of their success—offering versatile hop varieties that boast higher yields, superior aroma, and better agronomical sustainability to ensure future prosperity for growers.

See where it all begins. From our Single Hill Nursery to our 5-Acre Plots, get to know our breeding program and how we develop our hops. Click here to take the tour.

Altus™ was born in Yakima, WA under stable growing conditions in the Pacific Northwest. The PNW offers great advantages for hop growing, but none better than consistency. Altus™ is available for contracting but also available on our Spot Hops Portal. Simply, create a profile or login to gain access to our exceptional hop varieties like Altus™ along with other hop related products and varieties from across the globe.


Looking for a beer that uses Altus™ (formerly X07270)?

Stetsons and Sombreros, Mexican Lager –  Ironfire Brewing Co., Temecula, CA

Sophistry 06, DDH NEIPA  –  Lupulin Brewing Co., Big Lake, MN

Tripping Pigs, IPA –  Pig Pounder Brewery, Greensboro, NC

Steward of Elements, Pale Lagerbier –  Elder Pine Brewing & Blending, Gaithersburg, Maryland


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