New Approach to Hop Contracts

New Approach to Hop Contracts

 //  August 2, 2023

As a 6th-generation family-owned company, we are farmers first. We take pride in the land and the products that come from it, and as brewers, we know you do too. It’s no secret that hand-selecting your hops is the best way to control quality. And you may or may not have realized by now that quality can range from crop year to crop year and from farm to farm.

We can’t control the weather, but with good soil management, proper harvesting tools, and over 175 years of hop harvesting experience, we can say with certainty that there is in fact a difference. That is why we are offering you the chance to see and experience the Hopsteiner difference first-hand.

Your ticket to hop selection; any current or future contract with Hopsteiner. With hop harvest just around the corner, consider your current contract needs for 2024 and beyond. What is your budget? What are your hop needs? Are there recipes that need to change or new recipes to consider?

Contract Management

We understand the market for hops and hop contracts can be daunting, but at Hopsteiner, we are not only your choicest hop supplier but also your guide to help plan your business’s future success. With a vast range of hop varieties and innovative hop products, more benefits for brewers are available than ever!

Here are just a few reasons why so many choose us:

  • No brewery is too large or too small. We work with every type of brewery
  • Minimum quantity eligible for selection is just 220 lbs. or 5 x 44 lb. cartons (per variety)
  • NO downpayment or pre-payments are due at time of signing
  • Contracts are available ranging from 1-5 crop years out
  • Access to the global hop market for U.S., European, and Southern Hemisphere hops

Recipes change, we get it. By working with one of the world’s preeminent hop suppliers, you will benefit from our flexibility in adjusting your future hop contracts to better fit your business needs. You can contract leaf, pellet, CO2 Hop Extract, and other advanced craft products like Salvo. We can even help store your contracted hops or hop products and drop ship at a time that is most convenient for you.

Building Relationships

If you decide to contract with us, our relationship doesn’t just stop after signing. We are committed to assisting you with all your hop-related needs. We offer onsite consultations and technical advice every step of the way. From our friendly sales staff to our technical directors, each can assist with product use and system recommendations to help you achieve your goals. As an added benefit of contracting with us, you are invited to select and see first-hand where your hops are grown and pelletized.

Every year, during hop harvest, you are invited to visit our facilities, meet with growers and hop breeders, tour the farms, and see first-hand the fields where your hops are grown.

Hand-selecting the hops you contract not only gives you transparent insight as to how we do business, but allows you exclusive access to new experimental varieties that our team cultivates through our proprietary breeding program. From answering questions about new hop varieties to guiding you through your first or fifteenth hop selection, we are dedicated to your success.


We proudly possess certifications in GlobalGap, ISO:9000, SAI Attestation for sustainable farming, Organic Certifications from OTCO, and many others. Aside from breeding the most sustainable and highest-yielding hops in the world, we have the most advanced facilities in the country to bring you the best quality product possible.

Market Influence

The hop industry and beer market are ever-changing. We get that. As a company that has been established for over 175 years, we have the experience and the flexibility to match the ebbs and flow of the market. By contracting with us, you have supply security and price stability, mitigating potential effects from industry changes and unpredictable weather implications that can cause swings in pricing.

Spot hop purchases can be a valuable tool in managing your hop supply, but a heavy reliance on the spot market can be risky, and depending on the variety, can also be costly.

So why contract?

  • Contracting minimizes price hike risk
  • Guarantees pricing
  • Provides consistency over spot purchases
  • Enables you to hand select your hops with us in Yakima
  • Grants you exclusive access to brand-new experimental varieties from our breeding program
  • Secures those hard-to-get commercial varieties grown domestically or on the other side of the globe hops
  • Establishes a partnership and mutually beneficial business relationship with a top-tier grower, breeder, and processing supplier

Let’s Talk

Details matter. We know that. When deciding to contract with a hop supplier, comparing offers is a good business plan, and we want to make that an easy choice for you. Have questions, reach out to us at any time using the contact info below or to learn more about Hopsteiner or contracting options, you can visit us at

Phone: +1 (800) 339-8410

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