Big Benefits From Salvo™

Big Benefits From Salvo™

 //  April 1, 2022

There’s one irrefutable brewing truth: more beer made means more beer sold. Profits are necessary to keep operations alive, enabling brewers to pursue their passion and continue providing consumers the beers we all love. Ironically, the biggest culprit of process loss is the very ingredient that makes beer, beer – hops.

Meet Salvo™, a hop-derived, true-to-type, yield-maximizing aroma extract with virtually no added bitterness. Salvo™ is made via CO2 extraction where soft resins within pelletized hops are separated from plant material and then further processed to remove the alpha acid fraction. The result is a potent, semi-viscous mix of beta acids and highly-concentrated essential oils.

Initial brewers have found immediate success with Salvo™, improving the quality and quantity of their brews. Here’s what a few early adopters have to say.

Von Ebert Brewing, Portland OR

Von Ebert’s ethos of constant improvement aligns perfectly with Hopsteiner’s ideal of Dare to Brew Different. No beer better reflects this than their 2021 GOLD medal-winning American IPA, Volatile Substance.* “The name is indicative of how we brew it, we’re always looking for new products to try with it.” says brewer, Brendan Barber.

“That’s why we’re using Salvo. We get a lot of deep, resinous character. You don’t extract any real IBUs from it, you just get beautiful terpene notes.” Brendan also attests to the yield gains, “I can generally knock out an extra 1/4 to 1/2 barrel per batch, which, when you’re doing 10 turns a week, really does add up.”

Revolution Brewing, Chicago IL

Brewmaster Jim Cibak has been with Revolution Brewing from day one. “As we are very focused on brewing IPAs, we like to extract as much clean, beautiful, fragrant aroma from our hops and [a] bitterness that’s nice and clean and doesn’t smack you in the face. You want as much impact as possible but you want to keep that trub pile small because in the end, more wort going to the fermented means more finished beer.”

“We use [Salvo] in the whirlpool and that really helps us get a lot of nice aroma and great mouthfeel in our finished beers without having to send a tremendous amount of hop material into the whirlpool. We’re a big fan.”

Crystal Lake Brewing, Crystal Lake IL

Crystal Lake Brewing has incorporated Salvo™ into several beers including their Slalom King Rye IPA: “It has a huge hop charge in it and as a result, we had great losses.” says brewmaster, Ryan Clooney. But with Salvo™ in place of pellets, “a night-and-day game changer. Added immense flavor and quality. It’s yielded us over 2.5 barrels more volume and as a mid-range brewery, every ounce counts for us.”

Ryan found similar benefits with their Reel Hazy IPA, “Cut our hop charge down huge. Exactly the flavors that we wanted, exactly the aromatics that we wanted.”

Salvo™ from Hopsteiner is craft beer’s best kept secret weapon in brewhouses across the country, helping brewers attack the problem of process loss that’s so common with popular beer styles. Since 1845, Hopsteiner has led the industry as a preferred global hops supplier, partnering with breweries of all sizes to offer a unique range of hop varieties and innovative hop products designed to enhance flavor, aroma, consistency, and flexibility for brewing and beyond.

* Volatile Substance, American-Style India Pale Ale GOLD medal winner at 2021 Great American Beer Festival

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