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 //  December 27, 2021

Hop breeding is a collaborative process blending brewing practices with scientific research. In collaboration with our friends at Main & Mill Brewing Co., we did just that.

Introducing Pliable Process – an ongoing, collaborative series using experimental ingredients.

As growers, it is our mission to grow healthier, stronger, more agronomically viable plants. Since the induction of Hopsteiner’ s breeding program in the early 1980s, Hopsteiner has partnered with breweries big and small to develop trending aroma/flavor characteristics all while improving better overall agronomics and environmental sustainability.

Using our latest experimental varieties:

  • HS17701 (B)
  • HS17701 (M)
  • HS16660
  • HS15591

Head Brewer Brandon Bischoff at Main & Mill Brewing Co. batch split 18 barrels of hazy IPA four separate times into different fermenters to isolate variable effects from each hop. Each beer was double dry-hopped with the same whirlpool addition for flavor consistency. Essentially, one beer was made and dry-hopped differently to produce four distinct beers in a mixed 4-pack in order to allow for immediate comparison. ⠀⠀

The result was incredible…with each beer being distinctly different than the others and all coming from the specific hop variety. ⠀


*Featured above –  Nicholi Pitra, Lead Scientist of Variety Development and Bioinformatics at Hopsteiner evaluating each can using a distinct hop.

To make the series even more fun and impactful, we added a QR code on the side of the can where you can give us your impressions. Your feedback is more valuable than you think! Each response plays a role in helping improve hop breeding efforts and tomorrows flavor profiles. ⠀⠀⠀
📝🧮Snap the QR code located on the back of each Pliable Process can to fill out a quick survey and help make a difference in the future quality of brewing ingredients. Learn more by visiting our online virtual tour and discover where it all starts.


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